How much is a poorly designed website costing you? Or worse yet, how much is having no website costing you?

Problem: You need a fast, responsive website that will attract local customers and drive more revenue. And you need it created easily and cost-efficiently.

Solution: We create clear, compelling websites for small businesses to help them generate leads and gain a critical competitive edge in their local market.

Why invest in a website? You can’t afford not to. 

Consider this factoid: 70% of Internet searchers use the web to find local businesses. The phone book has grown dusty and your potential customers are online, looking for you and the services you offer.

You need to be where your customers are and your website is the most powerful component of your local and organic search engine rankings. Don’t hire just ‘any’ designer to create your company’s home on the web. Work with web designers who are well-versed in local search engine optimization.

If you’re not on the web, you are losing business every day of the year. 

Here’s what you will get with your local business website. 

  • Your website will be 100% custom designed – no templates. We build for your needs. Get as many pages as you need, whether that’s 3 pages or 20. We will develop precisely what you want.

  • Your website will be fully optimized using best Local SEO practices. 

  • If you want your website to be editable, we can build your site with an ultra simple back end dashboard and train you to use it.

  • If you don’t want to edit your website, you can keep us on board as your webmasters for as long as you need us.

  • We can incorporate your review icons, social media icons, videos and anything else you’d like your website to contain.

  • We can consult with you about your future local search marketing, including building your company profiles at Google Places/+ and all over the web.

  •  Once your local business website is launched, you are not tied into any programs or contracts with us. You own everything, it’s all in your name.

What’s the difference between local business web design and other types? 

Quality custom website design for any type of business will be built with search engine optimization in mind. This means that keywords will be researched and highlighted in appropriate tags and in the copy of the website’s pages. It means that the code will be clean and crawlable and it means that the site will be structured in a way that is very usable for visitors. All of these traditional factors of optimized design apply to local business website design, too, but with one major difference.

Companies with a broad national or international focus are talking to a very big audience, but if your business serves its local city or region, your website needs to talk to your neighbors. This means that in addition to all of the traditional search engine optimization (SEO) factors, your designer must be expertly skilled at optimizing your website for both its product/service terms and its geography.

Special steps must be taken to send the strongest possible geographic signals to the search engines, letting them know what you do and where you are. All text copy on your website must be locally optimized. Certain types of coding and markup must be used and certain geographic features must be baked into the design of the site to make it a truly local website.

Who needs local business website design? 

Any business that serves its local community — dentists, doctors, attorneys, general contractors, carpet cleaning companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, landscapers, farmers, retail shops, mobile notary publics and many other types of local businesses. If your market is local, your website needs to be designed with that in mind from the ground up. Don’t make the mistake of handing off your local design project to just any general design firm – work with professionals who specialize in the needs and opportunities that are unique to local businesses.

Why work with us? 

We are local, but we are also part of the PinPoint Local Network—which allows us to provide digital marketing services that follow best practices and adhere to global standards.

PinPoint Local is a global, digital marketing company, with the core mission of helping local business grow. In short, we’re here to help you get more customers. We offer solutions that help drive businesses forward. Our services include world-class website design, local SEO strategies and premium hosting.

How long will it take to design your website? 

This depends completely on the size and complexity of your needs. We’ve built very simple websites from start to finish in as little as a couple of weeks, whereas large, complex projects will require more time. As soon as we understand the number of pages your website needs to contain, we can give you a very accurate time estimate. We do thorough and timely work.

How much will your website cost? 

Our fees our designed to match the budgets of small local businesses. We will provide a fair and honest quote, with no hidden charges, as soon as we understand the scope of your project. The general range for most local sites is between $1,000 and $1,800.


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