Provide a Clear Conversion Path

If your landing page contains photos of your store, an exhaustive product list, and tons of other details, chances are your visitors are so overwhelmed with information that they don’t know where to look, or even what you’re trying to sell. A landing page should focus on the main product or service you want to promote, and any photos and text (i.e., product photos with captions, customer reviews, key benefits, etc.) should directly support that offer.

A short video is a great opportunity to provide additional information and build trust with online consumers.  Several studies have shown that videos engage consumers and lead to more conversions than sites without them. For example, you can create a video about how to use the featured product or share a testimonial from a happy customer. Keep your video under 60 seconds – anything more risks losing a consumer’s attention.

A great landing page should include a clear path for conversion in the form of a call to action and supporting messaging and images to encourage users to take that action. By creating a compelling landing page, you can increase your chances for getting more customers from your advertising.

Driving Prospects to Action

You’re probably doing everything you can to attract new consumers online, but what are you doing to convert prospects into leads or getting them to take some other action? Because you only have a few seconds to capture a prospect’s interest online, it’s critical that you present a compelling capture page to help drive more conversions for your business.

If you have multiple offerings or audiences, you are probably targeting different types of consumers with your online advertising. So why would you send those different consumers to a single place, like your website’s home page? Instead, you should create custom landing pages for the different types of products, services, or audiences that you target advertising around.

For instance, if you’re a local garden center, the landing page for your new organic fertilizer should be vastly different than one for a children’s planting class. The landing page should also match the design and message of the targeted ad, so when consumers visit the page, they know they’ve come to the right place.

It sounds obvious, but your capture page visitors shouldn’t have to hunt for the information they need to take action. Your business name and location, contact information, and a clearly stated call to action should be placed at the top of your page, so your visitors immediately know who you are and how to contact you – which is why they’re there in the first place.

Research suggests you only have about five seconds to grab a customer’s attention on your site, so you need to make a splash. One thing you can do to grab their attention is to have a compelling image or headline. Your headline can be anything from a benefit statement to a common pain point your product or service solves. Make sure it is specific to your business or niche and that it’s consistent with the advertising that is bringing people to your site.

Optimize for Mobile Users

It’s estimated that more than half of over 100 billion monthly search requests are coming from mobile. And, more than 60 percent of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices. This is why mobile apps are so important. 

Optimize your local landing pages for mobile users.

With local search, the intent of the user is quite different from other types of searches. These users are looking for very specific services or information in a very specific locale. Mobile use is highest in the middle of the purchasing process. This means that locality matters if you want to turn those lead gens into successful conversion rates. 

As such, when you are considering your capture page design or doorway pages for your local audience, you need to speak directly to these very specific searches. Location proximity is another important aspect when optimizing your landing pages for mobile use. 

When optimizing your local landing pages for mobile users, consider your website load time. Speed is really important, especially to mobile app and device users. Google has even started posting “slow to load” warning labels in mobile search results.

You also have to localize your content. You should even work this into your content on your blog posts, social media sites, and of course your landing page professional design. In other words, write to a specific group of people whom you’re serving. 

Attract Leads, Increase Sales

Many people spend a lot of time creating and managing their website, without giving much thought to their actual sales process or funnel. In reality, the funnel is the bread and butter of your online marketing business.

A good capture page builder will let you create all your opt in pages, sales pages, email sequence, membership areas, online training courses etc. and link them together to build your funnelall in one, easy to use tool.

Among many other features of the Conversion Pros platform is that allows you to quickly and easily create entire sales funnels with the click of a few buttons using the drag and drop editor. You can either select pre-made and high-converting funnels of your choice from the hundreds of available templates, or build your own from scratch.

Free offers can be effective for some niches. In other cases, a special promotion or discount offers that new customers can take advantage of works well.

Benefits of a well-designed sales funnel

  • Attract new leads from different locations to your business. 
  • Follow up and nurture your leads automatically using an autoresponder pre-loaded with your offers 
  • Increase your sales revenue through higher conversion rates. 

Elements of a Good Offer

Don’t let the simplicity of a good capture page fool you. It is one of the most effective ways to consistently attract leads and get new customers in the door. When you set up your funnel correctly, you can expect to see a consistent flow of new prospects coming into your business every week.

The offer in your funnel campaign is vital. It needs to be attractive to new prospects. It has to make them want to check your business out and potentially become a customer. This is especially true if you’re marketing on social media, which can be a highly effective tactic. Without a good offer on your funnel landing page, you’ll struggle to get good results.

Make Your Offer Appealing

The specifics of your sales funnel campaign can change to fit your business. The main goal is to make an extremely attractive offer to get people in the door.

Obviously the longer-term goal with a new customer marketing funnel is to turn prospects into longer term customers who spend money with you regularly. You’ll need to be able to deliver an excellent experience in your business when people visit you for the first time to take up your initial offer package.

Don’t adopt a short term mindset and think “I can’t make any profit on a low discount offer”. You make your money in the long term by treating people well and making them want to come back over and over, and refer their friends.

Adopt a long term customer value mindset when creating marketing campaigns and you’ll grow your revenues consistently, with a great return on your marketing investment.

Encourage Customer Action

When someone lands on the first page of your funnel and decides they want to claim your offer, they simply click the submit button and enter their name, email and phone number. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with or get booked into your business or office for an initial visit.

After entering their contact information, the prospect is instantly taken to step 2 in the funnel.

The Confirmation Page

On the confirmation page there are multiple options to consider. You can present a thank you message with instructions on how to redeem your offer. If scheduling an appointment is required in your business, you could link off to an online scheduling tool that allows people to book an appointment right there on your confirmation page.

Whatever you decide to do on the confirmation page, keep in mind that some people are just not going to take that extra step. To get the very best results you should be prepared have someone on your staff follow up with each lead, or at the minimum, use a follow up tool like an autoresponder.

Don’t just rely on new potential patients contacting you. Some will of course, but the money here really is in the follow up and sales process, which happens after people show an interest in your offer. Don’t overlook the power of a good autoresponder to automate the follow up process.

Drive More Conversions

Small business capture pages continue to grow in popularity — and for good reason. Most business owners understand that website traffic is vital to establishing a local presence, BUT conversion is where the magic happens. Actually getting a visitor to take action when they are on your site is the ultimately objective, and that’s precisely where a good capture page shines. 

You can flood your website with traffic, but if you can’t get them to take action, opt-in, or call your office, then it really doesn’t matter. 

The capture.
When a prospect lands on your capture page and is enticed by your offer, they simply complete the form and click the submit button. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with offers, incentives and free content.

Our Conversion Pros sales funnel campaigns are proven in the real world and are currently being used successfully by a wide range of niche businesses. All you need to do is customize the content for your business, brand it with your color scheme and start using it. 

When a prospect lands on your capture page and is enticed by your offer, they simply complete the form and click the submit button. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with offers, incentives and free content.


The offer.
A common mistake many businesses make is they don’t have a strong, compelling offer. Your offer should be appealing to new customers. It must have enough value to persuade them to want to check out your business. After requesting the offer, the prospect will be taken to the next step.

We know the average person lands on any given website for only a few seconds. This is why it’s imperative to get their attention fast and provide a “compelling offer” they couldn’t possible refuse.

At bare minimum, it’s important the prospect provide their name and email address. A simple way to collect this information is to offer a free report or video series on important relevant topics.

Just like new customers are the lifeblood of your business, your email list is the lifeblood of your online marketing campaign. Many small businesses still are not building an email list. Big mistake.

Why, you might be thinking?

Most people will only be on your website a couple seconds and will never return after they bounce off. However, if you give them a good reason to get on your list, you can now communicate with them anytime you want.