Why a high-converting sales funnel is vital to your business success.

Want more leads and more customers?

marketing-sales-funnel-300x276We’re seeing many local businesses having great success using high-converting captures pages to consistently get new customers in the door. Creating an attractive offer then promoting it on social media is one of the best ways to generate new revenue for any small business.

Having an attractive landing page is only half the battle. You also need a system that gently guides your prospects down your sales funnel. When done correctly, leads become prospects and prospects become new customers.

Below we’re giving away the exact sales funnel we use as a starting point for all new marketing campaigns we build and promote. The capture page templates are already built. All you need to do is fill in the blanks, brand it with your color scheme and start using it.

How the sales funnel works

There are three core steps in the sales funnel campaign. Once set up correctly, you’ll be saying hello to a consistent and predictable flow of new prospects and customers coming in every week.

Step #1 – The offer

The offer in your marketing campaign is critical. It has to be attractive to new customers. It has to make them want to opt in to your offer and leave their contact information.  

“Free” offers can be effective, depending on your particular market. Ideally, some kind of special promotion that new customers can take advantage of works well. Inside the funnel you can present the offer and deliver the pertinent details on how to redeem it.  


The specifics can change to fit your business, your price points and what your customers tend to prefer. However, the main point is to make an extremely attractive offer to get people to take action. The ultimate goal, of course, is to turn prospects into long term customers who spend money with you regularly.  

Capturing new customer leads

When someone lands on your funnel capture page, sees the offer and decides they want to claim it, they simply enter their name, email and phone number and click the submit button. Now you have a new prospect to follow up with and engage with on a regular basis.

After entering their contact information, prospects are instantly taken to Step 2 in the funnel.

Step #2 – The confirmation page

On the confirmation page, you have a number of options. You can simply deliver your offer in a downloadable format, such as a coupon or free report. For services that need to be pre-scheduled, you can also link to an online calendar tool that allows people to book an appointment right inside your funnel.


Step #3 – The follow up

The last piece of the puzzle is consistent follow-up through an automated email campaign. Our built-in autoresponder sends an email to prospects immediately after they opt in and continues to follow up with them with offers and incentives. It’s automation at its finest.

You can literally double – or even triple – the results from your marketing efforts simply by having an organized, consistent follow up process that ensures all leads are contacted promptly. Don’t just rely on new prospects contacting you. Some will of course, but the money here really is in the follow up, which happens automatically after prospects show an interest in your offer.

Create your sales funnel success story

The steps for a successful sales funnel campaign are simple:

  • Start with a great offer
  • Promote it on social media
  • Collect leads using a compelling capture page
  • Then  and nurture and engage prospects with attractive offers and incentives. 

The result: a steady stream of fresh leads and new customers month after month.


Get your pre-built sales funnel set up for free

We’re giving away the exact sales funnel system  we use for all of the sales funnel campaigns we promote. Click the link below and fill out the form to get started. We will send you log in details and show you how to access this powerful sales funnel system.

This is a free test drive. No credit card or payment required.

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