Get Some Skin in the Game

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but one thing I love is sunglasses. I’ve bought uncountable pairs of shades. I am with sunglasses like a girl is with shoes ― if I walk by a store and see some, I have to look.

I used to buy cheap ones. I would never pay more than $25. Obviously, they would break all the time. I’d be careless with them, sit on them, leave them somewhere, etc.

Didn’t matter much because I loved buying them. But it was annoying.

One day I decided to buy a pair of Emporio Armani shades for $200. Let me tell you, I took SUCH good care of those sunglasses. I knew exactly where they were at all times and cleaned them often.

Not only did I have them for years, but I derived vastly more pleasure from them than I did the dozens of pairs of cheapos that I bought before it.

What’s the point? You need to spend some money on your business. I don’t care what you spend it on, just spend it. And spend so much that it hurts.

Spend so much that you feel like if you don’t do anything to recoup it, you’ll feel terrible. I’m not talking buy a $12 domain and $40 hosting for the year.

I’m talking buy an $8,000 ready-made retail website. Buy a professionally grown Instagram account for $6,000. Launch a $3,000 ad campaign. Moral of the story: If you drop that kind of money on something, you better believe you’re going to pay really close attention on what happens.