Staying Ahead of the Game

Banks the world over have implemented a new policy that they refer to as Negative Interest Rate Policy, NIRP. So what they are doing is charging depositors for putting their money and keeping it in their banks.

How is NIRP operating the world over right now? Well, it’s like this, let’s say you put a grand in the bank and leave it there for a year and then go to draw it out. Because of NIRP you now have 990 dollars left. How’d that happen?

What is the world coming to, you ask?

The old folks used to say, “The world’s going to hell in a handbasket.” Well, not exactly.  Who can afford a handbasket anymore?

So what’s the answer you ask? Because for savvy folks the world over, there is always an answer, of course.

I used to think that austerity was the answer. You know, cut back, down size, reduce spending, do more with less, and of course expect less.

But the truth is people don’t want to just survive. They want to THRIVE.  

The best way to do that is to “get ahead of the game.” That requires taking charge of your own future and not relying on the government for a solution. Those days are long gone.

As I assess our current political and economic landscape, I can safely assure you of one thing for certain, if you don’t get in the game, the game will get you. It’s just a matter of time.

Moral of the story: STOP waiting for permission from someone else to create the future you deserve. Grab the bull by the horns and wrestle that beast into submission.