Focus on Your Desires

If you focus your attention on what you already have, which is easy to do by default, you’ll naturally perpetuate the status quo and continue to experience more of the same. So if you want to experience something different, you actually have to shift your focus away from your current reality and onto something new.

If you focus on what you don’t want, such by consuming media that habitually calls out undesirable happenings in the world, you’re likely to attract more of what you don’t want. Your vibe will sync with your focus, and your reality will sync with your vibe.

To change your present reality, focus your attention on what you desire to experience. Make this a deliberate daily activity. To be truly outstanding at manifesting, invest more time and energy focusing on your desired reality than upon your old one. This is especially critical if you’d like to change your current reality and experience something different than what you already have.

This doesn’t mean ignoring what’s already real. Just don’t dwell on the negative or unwanted aspects. Whenever you spot a problem or challenge, quickly shift your focus to a more desirable alternative. Keep asking: What do I want instead of this? What do I want to create here? What would the solution look like?