Turning Towards Fear

Fear is a powerful and attractive vibe. If you have some fear connected with your intention, the fear will alter what you manifest. This is the case whether the fear is acknowledged openly or subconsciously suppressed.

To become more powerful at manifesting, here’s a good rule of thumb: Whatever you fear, you must face.

If you allow fear to fester beneath the surface, the fear will limit and constrain you by corrupting your vibe. Whenever you try to manifest a powerful intention, you’ll simultaneously be emanating some fear as well.

The fear energy will mix with your positive intentions, slowing them down at best and derailing them at worst.

Think of yourself as a light bulb that’s always shining. Your current vibe is always broadcasting. You’re always in the process of attracting and creating a reality that matches your vibe.

What irrational fears can you identify right now? Are you afraid of stepping into a bigger life purpose? Are you afraid of public speaking? What about voicing an unpopular opinion and being judged by others? What scares you?

What have you been avoiding? How have you been hiding?

If you want to become more powerful at manifesting, then whatever fears you suspect you’ll eventually need to face, you’re right. You’ll eventually need to face those fears. Fear is trapped energy, and you’ll want to get that energy unblocked and flowing at some point. Otherwise you’ll always be dimming your light to some degree.

The more you can identify fears and face them, the more you’ll purge the vibe of fear from your being, and the more easily you’ll be able to manifest increasingly powerful intentions.

On the other side of fear is more energy, and more energy invites more creative flow.

That said, fear does serve a valuable purpose. Fear is essentially the brake pedal of manifesting. When you mix fear into your vibe, you stabilize your current reality and prevent yourself from quickly sliding into a new one. So fear allows you to spend more time in your current reality, soaking up its experiences and lessons.

When you’re ready to move on from your current reality and experience a new one, that’s a good time to start leaning in the direction of your fears.

But if you’d rather keep experiencing more of the same, there’s no immediate pressure to face your fears. You can leave the brake on for as long as you desire.