Visualize Future Memories

Don’t dwell on the negative or unwanted news. Keep bouncing back to the positive side. Ask again and again, “What would I like to see instead of this?”

What’s a more positive alternative? How could this situation be better?

Dwelling on what you don’t want – and especially complaining about it – helps no one. To move into a better reality, cultivate the habit of consciously shifting your attention to focus on what you do want. Don’t worry about perfection. Just keep aiming for a reality that’s a little more desirable.

Practice visualizing your desired reality. A nice way to do this is to sit down for about 20 minutes, and invite your mind to explore possible future memories.

The key is to create and experience real scenes, just like you might relive past memories. Use your mind to create new memories of the future.

Pick a positive memory from your past, and re-experience it in your mind.

How do you present the memory to yourself? Do you relive it in an associated way, as if you’re in the scene? Do you project it onto a movie screen and watch it?

Use the same approach to imagine your future memories. Picture them and animate them in the same way you might recall your past memories.

If you’d like to manifest a new direction for your life, don’t focus so much on creating future memories of the time when the desire initially shows up.

Instead, project past the front end of your desire by an extra year or two.

Imagine what it would be like if you’d already been experiencing your desire for a significant length of time – long enough to be firmly settled into that new reality.

It’s important to distinguish between the vibe of a desire when it first manifests, which can involve a more excited and chaotic state of being, versus the vibe of maintaining your new reality for the long run.

Suppose you manifest a major increase in your income or a wonderful new relationship. When such a desire first enters your reality, you may be extra excited about it. You may feel a little anxious or surprised by the new experience. Ideally this isn’t the of vibe you want to create when intending to manifest your desire. This is a temporary vibe, and you probably don’t want your desire to manifest only temporarily or to tease you by dipping into and then out of your present reality.

The vibe you want to create is the long-term vibe. This is the vibe of actually holding your desire, not the vibe of first summoning it. So visualize memories of holding the desire, as if you’ve already been living with it for a year or longer. It’s not new anymore. You’re used to it.

The vibe of holding a desire (as opposed to summoning a desire) is usually more relaxed, comfortable, contented, and centered. There’s less surprise and more expectation of continuance. After all, you’ve already been experiencing this desire for a year or more. You’ve been there for a while, so you feel more secure in holding onto this desire.

This approach will not only help you gently manifest a new intention – it will also help you maintain your manifestation after it shows up.