Practice Creative Observation

Recognize that all observation is biased. There’s no such thing as a completely neutral and unbiased human observer – that’s pure fiction.

You’re a subjective being with your own point of view, and there’s no getting around that. So if you’re going to be biased anyway when observing your reality, go ahead and deliberately slant your bias to favor your intentions.

What’s the alternative anyway? You can’t avoid bias, so you’re either biased towards your intentions or away from them. If you don’t deliberately bias yourself in the positive direction, you’re at risk of drifting into negative bias, which means you’d be inviting some degree of self-sabotage. So if you must act out a self-fulfilling prophecy, then lean in the direction of fulfilling a prophecy you like, as opposed to fulfilling one you dislike.

What if you take this too far? Wouldn’t it be even riskier to overdo this and succumb to self-delusion by pretending that your life is all roses when it really isn’t? My answer to that is: Not really… not if you approach this intelligently.

When you apply creative observation correctly, you’re still acknowledging observable reality and surrendering to what is. You’re not denying what already exists. It’s the denial of what’s already present that gets you into trouble. Denial is what puts you squarely in the realm of self-delusion.

So don’t try to deny what’s already present.

Instead, you must say “Yes, and …” to what’s already present. Surrender to what is, and use your creativity to imagine a desirable future trajectory.

Project a positive momentum onto your present reality. Use your creativity to see your reality shifting in the direction you’d like it to go. Intend improvement. Intend positive change. See this change happening in your mind’s eye. Create the vibe associated with this change, just like how you might anticipate an enjoyable weekend coming up while you’re still at work on Friday.

When you’re surfing a wave of energy, you don’t control the wave. That part is out of your control. But you can control how you use the surfboard that’s riding the wave. To deny the wave’s existence would be foolish. But you can still consciously imagine where you want your surfboard to go, and this will help your body align with your intended reality. That’s creative observation.