Your Desired Reality: Release Partial Matches 

Beware the partial match of your desired reality. A partial match is about 50-70% of what you actually want to experience, but it lacks the ability to achieve 80-100% alignment. When a partial match shows up, acknowledge it as a good step in the right direction, and appreciate it for what it is. Then release it and move on.

Partial matches are potential traps. They’ll seduce you with the false impression that they’ll someday become 80-100% of what you want, but a partial match will repeatedly leave you with significantly less than you desire. If you say yes to a partial match and become fixated on it, then you’re shifting your vibe to match its frequency and losing sight of your greater desire. If you settle for less than you want, you’re settling for something you don’t actually want. Do your best to realize that a partial match is a non-match.

Partial matches often show up as potentially lucrative work projects that require you to do work you don’t enjoy. They show up as relationships that feel more draining than energizing, even though they might have many appealing qualities at first glance. Partial matches are the empty calories of manifestation.

Partial matches do serve a purpose though. They help you explore the possibility space around your desire and gain more clarity about what you really want. They’re part of the manifestation process. A partial match shows up as your vibe begins shifting in a new direction.

In the long run though, be careful not to settle for the shadow of your desire. Keep affirming the complete desire in terms of the vibe you actually want to experience.

If you suspect you’re stuck with a partial match instead of your genuine desire, you’re right – that’s a partial match.

Releasing partial matches can be very difficult. They frequently show up as local maxima, so it will often appear that if you release them and move on, your reality will get worse before it can get better. Usually this perception is a bit of an illusion though. When people do release partial matches, they usually feel immediate relief as their vibes rebound, which puts them in range of better matches more quickly than anticipated.