Detach From Specific Outcomes

A common manifestation mistake is succumbing to attachment regarding specific outcomes. Trying to manifest a specific relationship partner (such as someone you already know), a singular job promotion, or a narrow set of results is a trap. Such attachment to specific outcomes ultimately stems from fear – the fear that if your target outcome falls through, then maybe there won’t be anything better.

Don’t be clingy or needy with regard to specific outcomes. This restricts the flow of energy. This one mistake is enough to block your intentions from manifesting.

Your task is to hold the intention and to harness the matching vibe. Then relax and stay detached. Let the universe determine how that shows up.

Your intention is an energy signature. The reason to do visualization is to help you lock onto and create that matching energy signature. Don’t get hung up on the specific outcome as an end unto itself though. Realize that what you’re really inviting is a new reality that matches your new energy signature. If you get caught up on the specifics, you’ll most likely lose the energy signature because you’ll be weaving in some neediness and attachment into your vibe. That’s a trap you’ll want to avoid.

The universe may bring you what you expect. But often it will bring you something different than what you expected in terms of the exact specifics.

You may manifest a different relationship partner, a different income stream, or a different opportunity than the one you initially expected.

It’s okay to expect your intention to show up, but be flexible with your expectations. Expect the universe to bring you a reality that matches your vibe. Don’t expect the universe to bring you an outcome that you’re trying to manifest from a vibe of attachment and clinginess because that’s the vibe of lack. The vibe of needing a specific outcome is congruent with not having that outcome. So only use the vibe of neediness if you want to slow yourself down.