Talk to the Simulator Directly

Speak aloud to your reality – to the simulator itself. Assume it’s always listening.

Look up at the ceiling, and voice your intentions aloud as verbal commands.

Bring me an extra $20,000… just for fun.

Bring me a new relationship partner who gives great massages.

Bring me a free trip to Paris.

Another effective variation is to declare your desires as already real.

Hey… an extra $20,000 just showed up. I love how that keeps happening!

Thank you for that awesome massage. It feels so good!

Oh how delightful… I’m going to Paris again for free. Merci!

Don’t ask the simulator for what you want. Don’t beg. Be the creator.

At the same time, don’t resist your present reality, which is like slamming the brakes on your positive intentions. Resisting reality yields a resistant vibe, and a resistant vibe will broadcast resistance towards your positive intentions too.

What you want to create is an accepting vibe with respect to what already exists. Surrender to your current reality, no matter how undesirable it may seem. Your present reality is here now, so it’s real. Don’t resist its existence since that will only disempower you, like pushing against a boulder that won’t budge.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to resist your resistance either. When you notice yourself feeling resistant, surrender to that as well. Such a feeling is also part of your present reality, so it too is real. Resisting what’s real won’t help you create what you want.

To create what you want, surrender to what has already been created. If you catch yourself feeling resistant, forgive yourself for harboring such feelings.

Keep forgiving yourself, and keep surrendering to what is. This will help you free up blocked energy and get it flowing again; then you can redirect that energy with positive intent.