Follow Your Inner Calling

When you’re doing what you’re supposed to do… you’ll serve in ways you never even imagined, without even trying.

Like the honeybee, you’ll just by default pollinate and place seeds of greatness in your family, your community, and even the world.

Follow your inner calling, and even if the people and causes you are meant to serve never become totally clear… your purpose will happen by default.

Like the honeybee changes the world simply by doing what it intrinsically is supposed to do, I believe that when we as humans are set free to accomplish the purpose inside of us… we positively change the world.

Even without knowing it.

It’s why I am so passionate about setting people free to follow their inner dreams. The entire world benefits when we do!

The more people we have living their dreams… the happier, safer, and more stable we become as an entire society.

When we step into our inner calling, the world functions as it was designed.

Imagine for a moment your alarm clock going off…

But instead of feeling tired, and stressed, and anxious, and unhappy…

You wake up refreshed, with a smile on your face… knowing that today will be filled with purpose, adventure, and the people and things that you love.

You know it, because ALL of your days seem to go this well lately.

You ease out of bed, drop your favorite flavored coffee into your coffee maker…

And as the cup fills, you pop open your laptop right there on the kitchen table…

Type a quick email… and hit send, just as your coffee fills the cup.

A moment later you’re relaxing in your favorite spot, savoring your favorite cup of coffee… when the notifications start coming in.

A smile comes across your face as you glance at the laptop and notice that it’s more sales coming in.

You close the laptop…

Finish your coffee…

And smile again… because your “work” is done, and the rest of the day is YOURS to do whatever you please with.

You may be thinking that sounds great… but we all know that “if it sounds too good to be true… it is.”


And that one line may be the biggest line of crap that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams, and pursuing the gifts that God put inside of you.

Truth is… those that achieve greatness, those that do amazing things that change the world… ALWAYS believe in things that “normal” people think could never be possible.

Those who live their dream lives…. People like YOU, believe that the invisible… what only lives in your dreams… IS possible.