The Traffic Principle

By far, the #1 rookie mistake I see good people make when coming online and trying to generate traffic, is how you think about traffic.

Most people think of their business, or product, or service online as some “island” in the middle of the ocean that they have to “lure” people (traffic) to.

“How do I get people to my website so they see my offer,” is by far the question I am most asked. Truth is… you don’t have to “get” people to your site at all.

Remember “traffic” is just a group of people that are already looking for the solution that you have for them. And because they’re already looking, you just have to know WHERE they’re already congregating… where they are looking.

And when you know that, you can just plop yourself right down in the middle of them!

So, the better question to ask then… the right way to look at traffic is not how do I get people to my site… but where are they congregating already?

For now though… let’s get a few more principles down, so you can understand how and where to get traffic for the rest of your life.

Let me say this again… Getting traffic is easy!

But, traffic doesn’t turn into an audience or list until you capture the info. Which leads me to the next principle…

Basically, there are 2 types of traffic… traffic you own, and traffic you don’t own. ALWAYS send traffic you don’t own yet to your capture page.  

Any traffic that you are sending to your capture page that has not yet entered their email to be on your list… is traffic you DON’T own.

For example… let’s say you purchase traffic from one of the vendors I’ll reveal to you later, and they are sending 1,000 people to look at your site.

The 1,000 visitors are OWNED by the vendor and he/she is sending them to your site.

But… as soon as any of those 1,000 people enter their email into your capture page, they become a part of YOUR list.

Your list is the traffic that you own!

So, put simply… the only traffic that you own, is your list.

One of the most important things I learned in my early days was to quickly convert traffic that I didn’t own (the Traffic coming from Google) to traffic that I DID own… MY list.

That one principle of turning traffic that I didn’t own… into traffic that I own, saved my business.

Because instead of being left with nothing when Google punched me in the face years back, I had quickly built a list of over 15,000 people that I could still email whenever I wanted.

Here’s the takeaway: If you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own your business and you are at the mercy of somebody else all the time who probably doesn’t care about your money, your family, or your livelihood… they, like Google, only care about theirs!