Creating Long-Term Predictable Wealth

You’ve been taught forever that in order to make more money… you have to spend more time.

It’s simply NOT true!

This changes everything you know about making money.

There are a few proven steps that help make this possible, part of what I call a predictable formula.

And a formula is awesome! Because a formula is like a recipe. When you have all of the ingredients…

Added at the right time… In the right way… it ALWAYS produces the same successful result.

Think of the recipe for Coca-Cola as an example.

Every single can of Coke made tastes the same… or in other words is a SUCCESS.

Because it’s a formula, and a time-tested process.

And it’s based on the principles of creating wealth that have always existed.

Some of it may seem like a foreign language.

But, to make more money in less time with less work… you need to know why and how everything works.

Let’s just take products for example. An obvious necessity in the formula, because you know for a fact that you need a product or service to recommend in order to make money.

There are products and services ready and waiting for you in every single area of interest you can imagine.

But… When you understand how the formula works, you’ll see why how you get paid from each has a huge impact on your business.

The fastest way to get started making money online is to have an understanding of what you need and why… but let other people do all of the tech stuff, so you can focus on the simple daily action steps that actually make you money.

The more you automate, the quicker and easier it is to get into profit mode.

Think of each individual task as a “piece” of an entire puzzle. A puzzle can’t be finished if there are any pieces missing.

Your business is the same.

To start thinking like a person who wants to create real, long term, predictable wealth. Here’s how real, LONG TERM wealth is created…

LONG TERM Wealth is created ONLY when you consistently provide more perceived value to your customers than what they pay you.

You are only ever paid when you provide value, and your customers are only happy when they believe that they have received more value than what they’ve paid for.

You provide that value by providing SOLUTIONS to the problems, needs, wants, and/or desires of your target market.

In reality, if you’re wanting to build a business that you love, your customers are your purpose. The people you feel compelled to, gifted to, purposed to help in the world.

Your products are VALUABLE SOLUTIONS that should serve two criteria:

  1. They allow your customers to get and/or do what they want bigger, easier, faster, and with more ease and convenience than they’re currently experiencing… or it should satisfy the emotional satisfaction they’re seeking (or both).
  2. Your products should ALWAYS have way more perceived value to your customers than they actually pay you.

Income creation is simple when you realize your products are solutions… and income is just the reward you get only for providing awesome solutions.

If you want to create LONG TERM, sustainable income, you need to provide solutions and value with products that provide you with different “levels” of income, as well as different “types” of income.

To be quick about it… it’s difficult to have big success if you’re only generating commissions of $20 at a time.

You can sustain your business with small sales, but it’s really hard to grow and scale your business because of the mass amounts of sales it would take to grow a 6 figure plus income.

You’ll have a really hard time getting past break even this way. You need products and services that provide you with BIG paydays – and equally important, recurring income.