Procrastination Will Leave You Broke

This is something every business startup owner needs to hear. 

So listen up…

When I first got into this industry, I was very hesitant on taking action because I didn’t know where to start…

The result: You just put things off for “later”.

And that’s not a good thing…

Procrastination will leave you broke if you don’t get out of that phase.

But it’s not your fault either…

It seems to be the problem these days…

People suffer from information overload and it just shuts people down…

Not to worry though, I have a solution.

What if I gave you my entire business and showed you step by step on how to run it?

You literally get started, watch the simple yet powerful step-by-step training and take action.

This way you won’t have any guess work or have to connect the dots like I had to do when I first got started.

All of the design and leg work is already done. Just plug in and go.  

If you can write an email, you are in good shape to take your life to the next level.

You and your family will thank you for it.

Plus, you will get some of the best online marketing training you will find anywhere ― all free and part of the package. 

Check it out HERE.

Turning Time Into Gold

Alchemy was a scientific field that was popular in medieval times. The main goal was to transform common metals like lead into gold.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, you are right.

No alchemist ever discovered how to turn a common metal into gold, but alchemy still exists today. And you are about to learn how to turn your time into gold.

Rewind to the Medieval times:

You have iron to sell. You try to sell it, but no one will pay enough for you to make a living off selling iron. Try as hard as you want, but no one is going to pay you what you want because the guy next door has the same iron and will sell for any price.

Leaving you with squat.

Imagine if you had gold though. You could ask for any price you want because no one else has gold.

Leaving you with a stack of cash that could buy you a new castle.

Today, your base metal is your time. Just like iron though, your time is not worth much to anyone because other people have time too.

Leaving you with a wage that’s not worth your time.

The system we have HERE is like a modern day alchemist giving you the chance to change your time into gold.

It allows people like yourself with no online experience, to earn BIG commissions by simply getting traffic online.

You get training how to get traffic and then you get paid.

And you can tap into this moneymaking machine in a matter of minutes.

“Running Down a Dream …”

Here’s an interesting thought I had while reading in the coffee shop today.

When you wake up in the morning, you choose whether or not you’re going to get closer to your dreams.

There’s no standing still. You either get closer or further away and the only person who decides is you.

It’s as simple as that right?


If it was that simple, then everyone would be millionaires or astronauts.

The truth is you don’t choose. Your circumstances choose for you.

You can wake up in the morning and say you’re going to earn a fortune that day or do whatever you need to do to follow your dreams, but when your Wi-Fi is spotty or your parents call and say they need you to stop by, all that goes out the window.

Because life doesn’t care about your plans, and it will throw your whole day off track in the blink of an eye.

That’s why you can’t just wake up and decide that you’re going to follow your dreams no matter what.

You need a plan that works with life. A system that will both make progress towards your financial dreams every day while also being flexible enough to deal with everything life throws at you.

A plan that’s so effective that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll actually be able to decide whether you want to chase your dreams or just want to keep dreaming about them.

And that’s exactly what a well-designed passive income system is designed to do.

Simple. Effective. And Flexible.

Check this out.

No commute. No hourly wage or vacation time. Just the freedom to decide when and where you work.

Stop Asking Permission

I know, I know, everyone is dreaming of finding a system that can set them financially free. Well, I believe I’ve stumbled upon one of the best residual income systems ever created. You be the judge.

But hold on. Let me ask this first. Don’t you have higher aspirations than just becoming financially secure? C’mon, of course you do. We all do. There are the extra pounds we want to take off, the more time we want to invest in our kids, and a multitude of other things, that when we accomplish them, will make us much more fulfilled.

Well, here’s how to do it. In other words, here’s how to have everything you want in life—on your terms.

All you have to do is to STOP waiting for OTHER people to give you permission to do stuff and STOP thinking you have to “just do it” to get ahead in life. Look, “action” is critical. But unfortunately, people think they have to DO something, or have to GET something. Because all the books we buy put “BEING” as the last step, and since most people don’t FEEL successful, they never get out of the gate. Thus, they rarely elevate to what it is they see themselves becoming. Make sense?

So what I did was reverse everything. I WAS successful in my MIND way before I knew what to DO and long before I knew HOW to manifest everything I wanted and now have in my life. So here’s the lesson: BE (in your mind) “rich” and BE the person you’d like to BE. And that ALONE will give you the strength to get everything moving—and into momentum. You see, “being” leads to thinking, which leads to “action”, which leads to “having.”

When you start BEING, you won’t need other people’s permission to start trying new stuff. And you’ll already be ready to “do anything” and to “try anything” and then from there, when you goof up, and you will, you will already be on the road to success—by eliminating—one-by-one—all the things that don’t work. But NONE OF THAT even starts unless you are in BE mode and would allow yourself to start.

Moral of the story: STOP waiting for everyone’s approval. Just BE whatever it is you want to transform yourself into.

“Mine That Bird” ― Your New Role Model

Why do you think most startups fail? It’s because the people running them have never run a business before and have no idea what they’re doing.

I’ve run a few in my day, so I think I’m qualified to speak on this. I’ve also eaten crap for many years and failed miserably a few times as well.

Let’s get down to it.

What’s the secret to starting a business?

Two words: do it.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Nobody cares about your idea, your business plan, or your executive summary. In order to have a successful business, you need to first have a business.

There are a lot of procrastinators out there. A lot of dreamers. Wantrapreneurs.

I was once one of them. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I read too many Warrior Forum threads and suffered badly from Shiny Object Syndrome.

But eventually, I figured it out. Crap, where was I going with this? Oh, yea, just focus and simply do it. Enough pussy-footing around.

Do you think winning is impossible? Thoroughbred racehorse “Mine That Bird” didn’t think so, as you’ll see in this Kentucky Derby replay.

Check this out:

Nothing was going to stop this horse from breaking through the pack and winning the race in one of the most stunning finishes of all time.

And nothing will stop you from creating the life of your dreams either, once you suck it up, get some skin in the game and just freakin do it. 

Start Asking Better Questions

Here’s the sort of inquiry you often hear from the MLM crowd.

“I joined a retail program, started wearing a weight-loss button, sold some diet pills and haven’t gotten to $1,000 a month yet—even though it’s been over a year. But, I’ve grown as a person and love the fellowship and culture of the program I’m in. Any advice?”

[Smiling] Dear Retail Nerd—

Run! I think what’s interesting is that “they” brought you in through the opportunity and then reversed you into their personal development environment, and I bet there’s always 50-100 people a week at those meetings. Because let’s face it, there will always be a vacuum of people who want to fellowship—weekly—about how to better themselves. Now, with that being said, are you there to “program” your mind or to build your financial future? Plus, are you promoting the MLM itself and if you are, how can you do it after a year’s time, when you yourself aren’t even making $1,000 a month yet?

Don’t you have a conflict with that? Not only that, but once again, if the products were so good and people were selling many of them, WHERE are all the new people at the meetings and WHERE is the money?

In anything related to personal development, we can always find and create a “crowd.” But when that’s the center of an MLM business (NuSkinnyme), what you’ll find is a dismally low earning rate, poor distributor retention and only a few full-time people making $10K to $20K per month. If that.

Without being able to QUANTIFY a system—what you have are pipe dreams and broken spirits.

Look up what “quantify” means. It means to measure something, without all the confusing variables interrupting the bottom-line conclusions. In other words, don’t get side-tracked or “side-swiped” by:

  • The group’s devotion to their leader.
  • The leader himself or herself.
  • The quality of the products or the “system” itself.

Realize that if you do get “caught up” with these variables, you’ll become EMOTIONAL and leave your logic at home. Instead, act like the same business person you are when preparing your family’s future, and have a calculator hung around your neck. Start to see “business” and not just potentials and possibilities. 

In MLM, because of people’s disparate need to succeed at something that has eluded them (success) for years, they often forfeit the very same logic they use on a daily basis and throughout the other parts of their lives. Weird isn’t it? So what you end up with is those same people—going around in circles from company-to-company, attracted to anything that appears shiny and new, while again, not making a penny. Face it, that’s the truth.

This is because they never took the time to investigate logically or to quantify and require business-like answers to their reasonable questions. So, the conclusion is, stop getting desperately emotional, start asking better questions, and demand “bottom line” answers to those questions. Okay, that’s it for now. Meantime, calculate THIS

Beware the Shiny Objects

I’ve been in Prosperity Marketing for only a short time now and it’s already beginning to soar. The nice thing about this business is that it allows you to create a continual stream of residual income from a one-time effort.

Every week I add more cash to my passive income stream. And honestly, there’s no secret here. You are shown EXACTLY what to do to begin earning immediate cash and building a GIANT LIFETIME income.

You just have to make the commitment and follow the plan. 

For me, my routine looks like this: I wake up between 6-7 a.m., have my coffee and open up my laptop.  I’ll check my opt-ins and follow up with trial members. I’ll respond to my messages and create a few posts for some social media sites, making sure the content is solid.  I’m also writing new ad copy and experimenting with other promotional strategies.    

Once I’ve had my coffee, I get deeper into my daily tasks and will work a good 4-5 hours. And I’m not talking about a little work with a lot of procrastination and Facebook-browsing. Nah, this is solid work.


Easy—4 things:

  1. Forget the past, don’t worry about the future—
    Focus on the present.
  2. Morning fast. No food—coffee only
  3. Deep breathing
  4. Yoga

Now, I don’t know what your motivating forces or tactics are, but these are all proven over time to help me: a) be more productive and b) produce higher quality work.

I won’t go into what each one does, but suffice to say that the combination of all of them enables me to be a powerhouse working machine.

The key here is focus—you have to stay focused.

Ever heard of analysis-paralysis? Basically, it’s a fancy way of saying procrastination. Shiny object syndrome—where you can’t decide what to do because each new thing you research looks more appealing than the last.

That’s the worst, and it also used to sidetrack me on a regular basis.

So what changed? Well, for one thing, I had to work at a job that crushed my soul on a daily basis. It was so bad that I started searching for a way to make money from my computer.

“If you want something badly enough, you’ll figure out a way to get it.” This used to be my daily mantra for a long time. 

New salesmen tend to be self-conscious. The pitch isn’t familiar to them, they’re not used to hearing “no” and are uncomfortable trying to persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash.

But SOME new salespeople are absolute rock stars. They hit the pavement and from day one—you can tell they’re going to be monsters, and FAST.

Why? Because they WANT MORE MONEY. They’re either broke or focused on a goal that requires a lot of money in the near future.

Maybe they want a car. Maybe they have to pay child support. Maybe they owe money to the government. Maybe they want more TIME FREEDOM. Yea, that’s a big one.

Whatever the reason, a select few crush it right out of the gate because they literally want nothing more than to live life on their terms.

This is how you need to be with whatever your goal is. You need to want it more than anything.

And here’s the reason:

When you’re faced with temptation to NOT work, if your reasons aren’t strong enough, then you’ll give into the temptation. You’ll go party with friends and drink too much. You’ll spend the day shopping and getting your nails done.

I’m not saying don’t do these things ever. Of course, you should, but only as a reward for working hard.

I’ve been in this situation before—working super hard on something only to give up a month later. But I figured out the secret to staying motivated. Two secrets actually.

  1. Find a friend who is willing to work with you or at least hash
    things out over the phone.
  2. Work on multiple projects at once.

When you have a friend who you can spitball ideas with, it helps to keep things fresh in your mind. You give each other ideas. If you’re lucky, you also try to pop each other’s ideas to make sure they’re solid.

It’s very motivating.

Working on multiple projects at once helps to keep you motivated when you get bored with any one goal.

For example, I market my primary business. But If I had to that all day for 10 hours I’d be bored to tears.

So I also do the following things to keep myself fresh:

  1. Write ebooks and sell them on Amazon
  2. Research and indulge in other investments, such as cryptocurrency
  3. Work out regularly
  4. Talk to friends on the phone
  5. Meet new people whenever I can

Now, you may be thinking that some of these are not “projects” in the traditional sense. I probably won’t make any money from meeting new people for example, right?

Don’t be so sure. Talking to people is great because the conversation ALWAYS turns to work.

“So, what do you do for work?”—Literally the most common question in the history of questions.

If you talk about what you do with enough genuine enthusiasm, then people will be interested. I’m not saying pitch them—you’ll know if it’s a good fit. Once I start sharing with people about what I do, I often get a ton of questions. Can you say hot prospects? 

Finally, the last thing you absolutely, 100% MUST do if you want to be successful is make a daily to-do list.

This is so basic yet few people actually do it.

The list serves two purposes:

  1. Keeps track of all the things you want and need to do.
  2. Keeps you motivated because it feels good when you cross things off the list

Time to Shed the Baggage and Break Away?

So you want to create a small passive income business? That’s great, but it’s going to take some seed money.

What’s that? You don’t have even one or two hundred dollars to bankroll your dream? You might want to question whether you are even serious about this passive income thing. 

Listen, I understand if you live in India and make like $2/day. But if you’re living in a Western country where you have the opportunity to go out and earn and save a little bit of money, what’s the issue?

Hell, even if all you have is an iPhone, you have enough tech to run a scalable business. What’s your excuse?

I don’t care WHAT you want to do in life—if you make the decision RIGHT NOW that you’re going to do it, then you can. And don’t come at me with that, “Well I COULD NEVER be an NBA player if you’re not a seven-foot-tall black guy.” You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I forgot my point… alright. So… what was my point again? Crap. Something about business… oh right, Yeah so you need money.

Actually, what you REALLY should do is save like $20K and move to Costa Rica. The cost of living is dirt cheap so you can live like a king and the beaches are spectacular. That’s assuming you can shed all of your current responsibilities. 

Crap… I’m getting off-topic again. Anyway, the point of this message is that despite their “wants,” most people are too lazy to be champions.

Most people don’t have $200 to spare. And if they did, they DEFINITELY don’t want to risk it on some Internet business …  

… which brings me back to passive income. For me, one of the great things about passive income is that I have lots of time to listen to audiobooks while I’m driving around or lounging in the local coffee shop.    

After exhausting all the books I found interesting, one day I found myself stuck in traffic without anything to listen to. I’d already listened to all the good stuff, so I figured I’d give the last book on my phone a try: “Be Obsessed Or Be Average,” by Grant Cardone.

I pressed play and immediately wanted to throw my phone out the window. I hated this guy’s voice. He was too high energy for me, like one of those used car salesman you see on TV. It was terrible. I turned it off after 30 seconds.

Time passed and once again I found myself in the car with nothing to listen to. I figured I’d give ol’ Grant another try, but this time skipped the introduction.

The first chapter was actually tolerable. I could tell he was of these self-help guys who tries to get you hyped about life. The book starts with him telling his own story. I won’t ruin it for you in case you ever decide to read it someday, but suffice to say he was also once a loser like me—and he pulled himself out of it through sheer determination.

He had an engaging delivery so I kept listening. Then I heard the part that hooked me.

I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but he said something like:

“Getting what you want takes a tremendous amount of work. If you’re not obsessed with making it happen, it never will. You have to get so hyped that you work 15-hour days, 7 days a week until it happens. And then when it happens, you need to upgrade your goal into something else that gets you hyped so you don’t stagnate.”

Something like that. He explains it much better than I can. It was so rare to hear someone say that obsession is a good thing, I was just kind of caught off guard. Especially coming from my 6-day-a-week yoga habit where they preached things like “balance” and “being happy with yourself the way you are.”

I kept listening, drinking every drop of Kool-Aid from the Grant Cardone Goblet Of Hype. Halfway through listening to the book I knew I had to make a change—and I knew exactly what I was going to do: I was moving back to Australia.

Now, that’s a story for another time, and definitely too long for a single email post. But the point is that listening to that book was what made me realize that there was no easy way to get what I wanted. If I wanted to make the big bucks, have a truly interesting life, and become an “important person,” then I had to become obsessed with the outcome.

You look at successful people today and you say, “Wow, they’re so lucky.” But you don’t see the years of crap they had to eat to get to where they are.

If you saw me stuck in LA traffic for 6 hours a day, driving for Uber, eating hardboiled eggs and oatmeal every day, would you have wanted to trade places with me?

Don’t think so.

Yet all of those situations led me to where I am today—working from my computer at home and making money on autopilot.  

There’s no way to predict when you’ll have your breakout moment. You just gotta do the work, but it’s hard when you’ve already built yourself a little cocoon of Netflix and your loser friends. One thing I’m thankful for is my ability to abandon any situation, location, friend or even family member if they try to pop my balloon.

Life is too short for that nonsense. Some day we’re all gonna turn to dust, so you might as well make the most of it.

Bottom line: you’ve got to shed the baggage and break away at some point. Trust me, ripping off the band-aid is worth it. It hurts at first, but there’s nothing like being free. You really can control your own destiny. You just have to do the work.

When Is All This Work Going to Pay Off?

The hardest part about working on something is wondering, “When is this going to pay off?”

But the truth is that the work is its own reward. 

For me, creating content is like making art. In my experience, I am always happy after I create a piece of content. Whether it’s an article, blog post, online ad, email series … whatever. I like looking back on them and being like, “yeah, I made that.”

I think the important thing is to just continue working on something all the time, no matter what.

Am I an expert at what I’m doing? Not really.

But the more I work, the more things begin to come together. I get an idea of what works and what doesn’t work. You trim the fat and cultivate the prime morsels?

The trick is to find SOME way to keep your effort level up during the moments where you would rather just do something else. That’s the million dollar question—how do I trick myself into doing things I don’t particularly want to do?

Grant Cardone has some good advice on this: basically you need to understand the fact that the amount of work required to get what you want is going to be 10x what you think actually needs to get done.

Wrote an article? Great, write 10 more.

Posted to Instagram? Great, post 10 more times.

Emailed a potential client? Great, email 10 more.

Once you resign yourself to the fact that whatever you choose to do is going to consume your entire life, doing the actual work doesn’t seem so bad anymore. You just roll up your sleeves and get started.

Grant Cardone has another great book which was a follow up to his 10x Rule book called, “Be Obsessed or Be Average.”

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but the crux of the book basically says that there are two types of people in the world: the mediocre and the high performers. 

The book is wonderful and well-worth the purchase. I can’t possibly go over everything in there that I loved, but here are a few points:

  1. If you’re obsessed, people will try and drag you down by saying that you’re working too hard, that you don’t have balance in your life, etc.
  2. Family and friends are some of the worst balloon poppers you’ll find because your closeness to them implies that they have your best interests at heart.
  3. People will say you’re crazy.
  4. Being obsessed with something is good and should be encouraged. If everyone was obsessed with their work, the world would be an incredible place—imagine if Steve Jobs was more common.
  5. Obsession can be healthy, but has a bad connotation because of drugs/sex/other vices.
  6. Cardone was addicted to drugs and says he transferred his obsession from unhealthy behaviors to healthy ones.

Am I obsessed? Yeah, I guess you could say that. Nothing right now is more important to me than my long-term goal. I could care less about Entertainment Tonight, CNN, fake news, Facebook, or any of the political or financial shenanigans going on. I’m trying to build a future of less stress and less worry—precisely what a passive income lifestyle provides.

Envisioning Your Passive Income End-Game

Many people have created passive income streams that cover all their expenses, and they ended up depressed and listless. Some try to keep the treadmill going by creating even more passive income streams, but their hearts just aren’t in it, and they eventually burn out.

My life flows nicely when I remember to use my time for creative endeavors. It doesn’t flow so well when I allow myself to feel like I’m swimming in time with nothing meaningful to do.

If deep down you know that the end game of creating passive income is going to be a bust for you — that you’ll just end up living like a big loser day after day — then will you really be motivated to get there? That would probably require a lot of pushing and force to get yourself to take action.

If, on the other hand, you can envision a pleasant and fulfilling end-game scenario, I think it will be much easier to create passive income streams in a more peaceful and flowing way. There will still be work to do, but at least you won’t be internally fighting yourself along the way.

If anything stops you from earning passive income, what will it be? It’s undoubtedly going to be something inside you. The external action steps are certainly doable. You may screw things up in the beginning — I sure did! — but if you persist and learn from your mistakes, it’s largely a done deal that you’ll succeed.

As I mentioned in a previous post, people were earning passive income thousands of years ago. Surely you can learn this as well. So the only thing that’s really capable of stopping you here is you.